96 million vibrations tear apart bacterial chains and plaque

Welcome to the world of Megasonex oral care, especially gentle and yet extremely effective..

Bacterial chains before and after the ultrasound toothbrush treatment.

The ultrasonic toothbrush does not allow bacterial chains to become stronger and to adhere to the surface of the tooth. The scattered, torn apart and broken bacterial chains are unable to cling to the tooth surface and gain strength again for 12 hours.

(the stubborn, mature developed stains, tarter or calculus, first need to be removed by the dentist)

It is amazing what a smile can do for a person to boost their self confidence and self-esteem. Choosing the right toothbrush can truly change your life.

Megasonex puts an end to any idea that an electric toothbrush needs to be bulky, heavy or tethered to a charging cable. 96 million ultrasound pulses a minute make movement or vibration an option not a necessity for an effective clean. Cleaning with out abrasion or force is the future of plaque removal and a recipe for the most gentle care for your enamel.

Have a history of sensitivity, bleeding, or pain when brushing? Megasonex provides a gentle but effective plaque removal solution for these difficult brushing conditions.

It is not only how well you brush but what you use to brush with that defines the Megasonex oral care system. Patience, still and technique are significantly reduced with the power of ultrasound. If you have had problems in the past give Megasonex a try.

Habitual problems like brushing too hard are a thing of the past with Megasonex. Let the ultrasound do the work so you don’t have to.

Consistent brushing 2x per day for a total of 6 minutes is a problem for many people. Add to this the skill needed to touch all the surfaces that must be cleaned, and it is no surprise how many do not achieve the results they desire and end up with very expensive dental procedures. We have been let to believe the more force we brush with and the longer we brush the better the results. This is a recipe for periodontal disease or sensitivity and gingival bleeding at a minimum. The solution is easy with Megasonex. Let the ultrasound do the work so you can be more gentle on your teeth and gums.

Almost half the population in many countries is suffering from bad breath. Clean the surface of your tongue daily prior to brushing your teeth. The surface of your tongue is very sensitive and the key to effective tongue cleaning is to do it without injuring or wounding the tongue. Many tongue scrapers are sharp and can easily wound the tongue and create bleeding opening the body to receive your oral bacteria into the blood stream. By using the Megasonex professional but gentle tongue scraper with the power of ultrasound you remove countless bacteria that otherwise live, particularly on the rougher top surface of your tongue. Without ultrasound, it is easy to use the excessive force necessary to reach down into the papillae that make up the surface area of your tongue. Bacteria on your tongue has been proven to significantly contribute to bad breath (halitosis) and negatively affect your dental health.

The ULTRASOUND TOOTHBRUSH is a completely different way to clean your teeth

The Megasonex product is exceptional.  As a former smoker, I had many nicotine stains, which even at the dentist were not eliminated by cleaning. Six months ago I began using the Megasonex brush.   My teeth feel smoother, and my spots simply disappeared especially the ones in the fissures of the tooth.  In addition, my mouth is small and I have difficulty opening wide which always created trouble brushing teeth in back of the mouth.  With Megasonex it was very easy,  because the brush has a small head, which facilitates access and no need to make sure to touch all the surfaces,  because the ultrasound works even where the brush cannot reach.   I’ve used other electric toothbrushes, which did not help because I had to make contact with all the surfaces in these most difficult parts of my mouth.  With MEGASONEX cleaning is much more effective, it does the job for me, and I feel much cleaner than with a common brush.

Since it is so easy to exchange the brush heads, this has enabled me and my wife to share the same brush handle.  She has recessions due to orthodontics, and had a lot of sensitivity in these regions.  With Megasonex sensitivity disappeared and her teeth became clearer and brighter.   I would not trade this for another brush and I highly recommend! Thank you!

Fabiano Dolabela

February 2014

Dr. Marcelo Braga


I started using Megasonex in March 2012. I noticed within a couple of weeks after using the soft feel of the Megasonex on my enamel and gums. I enjoyed the experience more and feel soft gentle brushing experience made ​​me want to use it more often and for the recommended duration of 3 minutes. In the past, I have preferred only a manual toothbrush because I want a soft and gentle cleaning. Megasonex is the only electric toothbrush I use because it is so gentle but effective.
The battery is amazing and lasts a long time between charges . It is easy to keep clean and I just dry with a towel every day . When I visited my dentist he confirmed what I felt and told me how clean my teeth were without any plaque or calculus. I was very happy with the results and like how white my teeth look and how clean they feel.
I have already recommended the Megasonex brush for my daughter who is now realizing the results.  I recommend MEGASONEX for all those who want the softest brush that also provides an effective cleaning.

Lucia Argollo Gomes

March 2014

When I first bought the MEGASONEX I didn’t like it so I stopped using it but then my other sonic toothbrush died so I started using it again – it is definitely different and takes a while to get accustomed to it (I think you should advertise this more as I first thought it wasn’t working as well as the sonic)- I am currently using ultrasonic only and have seen the difference in my gums – they have stopped receding which is great and some have even started grow back to where they were.  I did use the MEGASONEX toothpaste for a while but I have problems with all sorts of ingredients – natural as well – so stopped using that as well at the moment (I’m not using anything to clean them with) – will give the toothpaste a try again once I feel everything is settled.   I get the same clean feeling by using ultrasonic as I do with the sonic it just takes more time and more concentration but like I said the difference in my gums are well worth it if you want to put the time in.  I know it is working as I had a cleaning and had hardly any build up and that was after a year of not going to the hygienist and I had been using the MEGASONEX for the last three months – usually I’m supposed to go to the hygienist every 3 months so I was surprised – my problem was my gums receding which by using just the ultrasonic seems to have fixed the problem – I hope to see much more improvement over the next few months as well, thanks for a great product.


March 2014

What I have found from using the Megasonex ultrasound toothbrush:

  • It removes plaque very efficiently, without force or pressure.
  • The brackets that were once dirty, now can be cleaned with Ultrasound.
  • For the patient, the result is better than a prophylaxis in surgery, it is much more delicate.
  • I use the Megasonex every day, I am a dentist and maxillofacial surgeon and I know that I can judge the effectiveness of the product. It really is unlike anything I’ve seen on the market. The head with the bristles can be changed, because the patients who wear braces destroys the bristles faster.
  • The only downside is the cost, which for the Brazilian population can be high for some people.
Dra. Aline Marodin

July 2014

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