Tongue scraper


True ultrasound

Thanks to the power of ultrasound, we’ve taken the humble tongue scraper and sent it into warp drive. Just slip this patent-pending piece of technology on a MEGASONEX® handle, turn it on and it will make more than 192,000,000 movements per minute, outpacing anything else on the market literally thousands of times over. Imagine using the world’s first ultrasound tongue cleaner… emitting the same therapeutic 1.6MHz frequency that has been shown to break up bacteria chains in the mouth*… now you can.

Pressure restrictor

Your tongue may look strong, but it’s really just a big softie. We’ve designed our tongue scraper to help you give your tongue a thorough scrub that’s still gentle enough to minimize damage to the delicate papillae and taste buds that dot its surface. Just press down and pull the tongue scraper across your tongue, and the pressure restrictor will automatically stop it from scraping more than 1mm deep.

Precision control

After careful experimentation, we came up with a narrow design with a straight working edge, sculpted to match the tongue’s anatomy… like two hills straddling a valley. Normal tongue scrapers are designed to be dragged across the tongue in one broad stroke. This means that you either miss cleaning out the valley or end up pressing very hard on the hills to reach the valley, which can harm the papillae. The MEGASONEX® tongue scraper was purposefully designed to be narrow in order to minimize your gag reflex and so that you can clean each hill, or half of the tongue, individually. If you have a need for speed, just turn the handle of the scraper sideways for a more superficial conventional cleaning.

Custom power

We believe in putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your oral hygiene. That’s why we give you control over the speed you choose. You have a choice of having the scraper vibrate to give you a speed of 18,000 movements per minute, 9,000 movements per minute or zero movements per minute of sonic action. No matter which gear you select, your brushing experience is always turbocharged with the cleaning power of ultrasound.

Double sided

We don’t believe in wasting space, and carried this philosophy forward into our design. Unlike most scrapers, we put both sides of our scraper to use so that you have not one, but two choices when it comes to your cleaning experience. One side of the scraper has a leading edge that rises just 0.5mm above the pressure restrictor, for an extra-gentle clean, while the other side rises 1.0mm for a traditional deeper scrub.

Optimal leading edge

The MEGASONEX® tongue scraper is crafted entirely from food grade polypropylene, a special type of plastic that is optimal for this application. The tongue scraper’s leading edge has been engineered to ensure that specifications for hardness, sharpness and angle of attack are just so. We’ve made it hard and sharp enough to give its scraping surface high efficacy, but put your safety first. If the leading edge of the scraper is too hard, too sharp, or poorly designed, you can actually cut your tongue and allow bacteria to enter your blood stream. You can always replace a dull scraper after 6 months or a year, but not your papillae and taste buds.


Rather than go for the mass market, we’ve decided to build a product so advanced that we only sell it through an exclusive group of leading dentists and their websites worldwide. Ask your dentist to find out more.

On the shoulders of giants

We never believe in putting a good thing to waste. That’s why we decided that, rather than sell the world another expensive gadget, we would harness the ultrasound generation power that already exists in the MEGASONEX® toothbrush. That’s why our tongue scraper takes the form of an attachment that you can easily fasten to the end of your toothbrush handle with a flick of the wrist and just as easily take off and clean. Just replace your brush head with the MEGASONEX® tongue scraper attachment and voilà… your toothbrush has been magically transformed into the world’s most powerful tongue cleaning machine.

Unshakeable ethics

We manufacture according to the highest ethical standards and personally inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure that workers are treated the way we would like to be treated.

Revolutionary invention

Using the power of ultrasound to clean your tongue was just a fantasy… until now. And, because the MEGASONEX® tongue scraper has patents pending, you won’t find anything else like it, though others may imitate it. There are many tongue scrapers on the market, but only one ultrasound tongue scraper.


How to use:

Speed Selection

The MEGASONEX® ultrasound tongue scraper can be used in one of three modes:

Ultrasound plus sonic vibration
– Ultrasound at 1.6 MHz
– Sonic vibration at 18,000 or 9,000 movements per minute
– Ultrasound only

  • Ultrasound at 1.6 MHz

– No sonic vibration

Manual only
– No ultrasound
– No sonic vibration

Mount and fasten the scraper onto the MEGASONEX® handle.

Select your optimal speed as you would for the toothbrush.

Place the scraper ¾ the length of the tongue on either the left of right side of the tongue, near the back of the throat and gently but firmly move it towards the tip of the tongue. This should take between 1-2 seconds. Repeat a few times, rinsing the scraper between each stroke.

Do the same for the other half of the tongue.

Turn the scraper at a 45 degree angle and clean the middle part of the tongue.

In the end, if desired, you can turn the scraper 90 degrees to the tongue to cover a wider cleaning area.

Gently repeat the motion on each side of the tongue.

Clean and dry after each use. Normal soap and water will be sufficient, as long as the scraper is thoroughly dried after each use.

Dispose after several months or when the working edge of the scraper appears dull.

Pressing harder on the tongue does not ensure better removal of the biofilm. In fact, it could do more harm than good. It is far better to clean the tongue more often than to clean it with excessive pressure that can damage the tongue and lead to bleeding, infection and other issues.

Restrictions and Limitations

The scraper in the ultrasound mode has not yet been tested on pregnant women, diabetics and people with sub-dermal electrical devices such as pacemakers. In these cases, you should consult your physician before use.

The scraper should not be used with any other device or tool aside from the MEGASONEX® ultrasonic brush handle.

Try to avoid the very back of your tongue which houses the circumvallate papillae (6 to 12 3-4 mm discs). They are involved with digestion and should not be overly disturbed. This applies to all forms of tongue cleaning.

As with a toothbrush, do not share your tongue scraper with others to help avoid cross contamination.

Be sure to wash with soap and water, like you would a toothbrush, before first use. All oral hygiene devices are usually manufactured in clean but not sterile conditions. An extra wash before first use is just a good commonsense practice.

Some individuals have a heightened gag reflex. As with any device going into the mouth, with time and repeated gradual shallow use, this reflex could be reduced. For these individuals, the key is to start cleaning just the front part of the tongue, then, with practice, slowly increasing the cleaning area over a period of weeks or months.